Telecop Alarm

Telecop Alarm
Security Partner in keeping customer’s safety!

Using the wired-wireless integrated system, this service provides real time intrusion monitoring and prevents the increase of damages by sending security agents and notifying the police once intrusion has been detected.

Basic Services
  • Crime Prevention Service
    This service utilizes diverse detectors such as heat detector, infrared detector, glass detector, safe deposit detector, etc. to eliminate risk factors beforehand and, prevents outside intrusions.
  • Emergency Dispatch Service
    This service is made upon the request of the customer for the field security agent to take actions such as emergency response.
Optional Services
  • Attendance/Cafeteria Management
    This service provides customers with attendance/cafeteria management software program and links it with security systems for the customers to manage attendance and meals.
  • Digital Gas Switch
    An automatic electronic switch installed on the gas valve equipped for the use of gas appliances in homes, restaurants or business establishments.
  • No Signal of Alert Notification
    A service that sends SMS notification to customer’s mobile phones that the service is in ‘not alert’ status when no signal of alert(includes alarm when user is present in the area) is received even beyond the hours not included in the customer’s contract.
  • Emergency Alarm
    This service prevents the increase of damages by notifying the police, or sending security agents to the security area once the customer presses the emergency bell during emergency cases. (Emergency notification service is provided 24 hours)
  • Safe Deposit
    A safe deposit designed and sold for the purpose of protecting various important documents such as savings account passbooks, wills, insurances, annuity bonds, marketable securities, sealed documents, taxation documents, passports, etc. from fire.
  • Video Security (wired service only)
    This service uses ultra-high definition cameras to allow 24/7 monitoring of the factory situation and effectively protect the interior and exteriors of the factory through a remote control system.
  • Interphone/Video phone
    This equipment allows users to check the visitor with voice and video service and opens doors/gates when the visitor pages the user from outside.
  • Light Control
    This service prevents the increase of crime by automatically turning on the designated lights in the security area for a fixed period of time upon the detection of warning signal.
  • Power Failure Surveillance
    This service detects power failure of devices operated with electricity (AC, current) that are designated upon mutual agreement with the customer, and when warning signals are received, it sends notification to the customer’s emergency contacts.
  • Access Control
    This is a control service where physical access devices are installed in structures such as gates/doors which are connected to security devices, where it allows access to only those who are registered to access the gates/doors through cards, fingerprint, face, iris recognition.
  • Fire Alarm
    This service links sensors to the customer’s fire receiver and sends notification to the customer’s emergency contacts and fire station upon the receipt of warning signals in the security area.
Service Features
  • Provides wired-wireless based customized security service for each customer
  • Quick dispatch and field response
  • Increase the level of interior decoration with high quality designs
  • 24/7/365 control for immediate response upon outside intrusion
  • Simple operation, convenient usage (provided with exclusive smart phone application)
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